Our Journey

From past to present

Hokia nga whakaaro ki onamata, hei whakau onaianei kia anamata.We should look to the past, so we can understand the present and plan for the future.

Our school officially opened as the first local intermediate in 1962 with the name Papakura Intermediate and we are proud to boast a long and memorable history that has accumulated an alumni of over 50 years of graduates!

In 2000 our name changed to Mansell Senior School because the Board of Trustees wanted a name that was different from other schools in the area and would reflect the intention of becoming a Senior School.

In 2015 Mansell was on the Move with two years of review and this kick-started our community consultation to find the best name to reflect the school we were evolving into. The community spoke and we listened. In March 2017 we returned to our former name of Papakura Intermediate (P.I.).

Though our school name, culture and curriculum have changed, what has not changed is our strong desire to be a school that produces students who will live the legacy of Clarrie Mansell’s name – to be learners, leaders, and genuinely good citizens for our community and country.

We are proud to have buildings named after great leaders such as Clarrie Mansell, Jerome Kaino, Peter Wadams (P-Money) and Michael Meredith. We are even prouder that our school name now reflects the long and rich history of the area, the families and our school community.