STRIVE Technology


Papakura Intermediate learners are privileged to have first-hand access to what we believe will soon become a leading technology programme in New Zealand. Each class has their own technology sessions, as do our client learners from various schools including Drury, St Mary’s and Karaka School. Unlike primary school, our learners are able to use our specialist teachers, spaces and resources to enhance their own inquiry projects and learning.

Learning technology in Years 7 and 8 allows our young people to explore future career opportunities in technology, engineering and science-based industries. Our newly developed technology programme has the following features:

  • a range of technology learning areas are ordered each year and can be chosen based on students’ needs and interests each year [see diagram below]
  • once students have mastered the specific knowledge and skills in different areas, they can move onto their own inquiries in Year 8, giving them more control over their own learning
  • a very unique learning area called ‘Matauranga Maori’, which incorporates traditional Maori knowledge and world views on science and technology with a specific focus, e.g., environmental, astronomical or economical.