Papakura Intermediate – “Home to Innovative Learners and Leaders”

We believe that intermediate is a unique time where emerging adolescents take the values and understandings they have developed in the early years of their lives, and start to test and apply them in the world. They begin to think critically about a wider range of ideas and issues. They grow in confidence and take on challenges with more responsibility. Basically, they unleash their immense potential at a rapid rate!

We believe successful intermediate schooling caters to this growth by offering 11 to 13 year olds a wide- ranging curriculum while giving them opportunity to specialize in areas of interest or talent. We take seriously our responsibility to ensure our youth are in a place of “readiness” for all that life has to offer them, both in High School and beyond. We pride ourselves in being able to do this with specialist teachers, in specialist spaces, with specialist resources.

In 2020, we are home to a driven Board of Trustees, a visionary leadership team, a dynamic #TeamPI staff, over 200 self-determining learners and over 800 innovative learners who engage in our specialist technology programme. As a leading school in innovation, our curriculum centres on inquiry mindedness, authentic real-life application of learning and the development of 21st century skills, dispositions and competencies. When peer reviewed by lead New Zealand Curriculum author Mary Anne Mills, she asserted that “this is what the curriculum intended to achieve – you really are doing some cutting edge things here!”


Snapshots of our Innovative Learning and Leading

We believe that any person can be a leader in life regardless of what you ‘do’ in life and that intermediate schooling is the ideal time to develop leadership capability, motivation and skills in all of our learners – students and adults alike! Here are some recent examples of our learners taking the lead…


A group of P.I. learners have designed and prototyped a New Zealand School’s first astronomical playground

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 11.35.07 AM

The students used a technology process to design the playground

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 10.05.44 AM

The Students from Papakura Intermediate School received over 5000 litres of compost for their maara kai (food garden), made from the food scrap collection service.

Deputy Principal Amber King-Savage with her provisionally certified teacher Lisa Wilson discussing how they apply learning

Experienced teacher Karen Ifopo talking about her practice

Assistant principal Oriana-Hansell Pune talking about Unitec’s MindLab Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice

Online Learning @ Home

We believe in the old adage that it takes a village to raise a child. It is important to us that we sustain strong relationships with whānau/family so students are confident and supported to learn at our school home, and in their family homes. If you are wanting to access your child’s daily online learning programme, please click on their team’s googlesite below.

Covid-19 Information

  • Masks – all students must bring and wear their own mask to school. We currently have too many students arriving daily without a mask. Schools are not equipped to provide masks to students daily.  
  • CoVid Cases – if your child or someone in your household has tested positive, please inform us by emailing contactus@papakuraintermediate.school.nz this allows us to keep a record of absent students.
  • Learning at home – if your child/ren are isolating and would like to access learning from home, they can do this by using their team’s learning site. This is accessed through the links below. You can always email your child’s teacher for further information.  

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