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Learning Environments


Our curriculum is centred on all learners knowing how they learn best, where they are with their learning, where they need to go and how to get there. Within the first 2 weeks of school at the start of the year, each learner will be able to use assessment information and knowledge about their own learning to be clear about their learning pathway ahead. Learners record and track their learning in individual profiles.


We believe every learner needs a strong foundation of literacy and numeracy for life and that every learner should develop a love for language and mathematical reasoning. Our core curriculum teachers strive for excellence in English and Mathematics by accelerating the learning of students who are not on track to meet the National Standards and by extending those who are. We provide study support sessions before and after school to further support our students’ learning.


Alongside their own classmates, learners move into specialised teaching sessions which gives them a chance to comfortably ease into learning with different teachers, following their own timetable and preparing for a High School structured timetable. They will explore and develop the specific knowledge, skills and dispositions for each of these disciplines:

• Physical education and health
• Sports studies
• Visual art
• Performing arts – music, dance and drama
• Languages – te reo Maori me ona tikanga





Teaching and learning is aided by a range of devices throughout the school including Chromebooks, iMacs and Notebooks. Our school is designed into innovative learning zones that students move between and learn in depending on their focus and need. There is a library/ICT suite, 6 fit-for-purpose technology zones, as well as 4 zones in the Kaino building. The Mansell building will be upgraded in the near future as part of our plan to provide a Home to Innovative Learners and Leaders.


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